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It's warm on the Wood

June 17th, 2010

Doesn't feel quite like summer yet? Well it's warm here down on the Wood. Boasting the warmest and calmest water in the Okanagan, beat the chill by getting out on the water with Seca. Tune up the boat, grab some new gear and come join us down on Wood Lake.

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2012-04-27 21:45

old..ive built hundreds of small sikffs in my day..if you want cheap and long lasting here you go.14 ft you need 6 sheets of 1/4 ac fir for sides and seats, 4 sheets 3/8 ac fir for the bottom,1 sheet of 3/4 ac for transom cut transom to your liking wide as you want to ,esceptions are for work boats most of my low powered boats are about 3 to 1 ltry for a boat 4 ft on bottom and you can save even more in supplies,,make your transom 4 ft wide at bottom 5 1/2 ft at top,lay 2 sheets of 3/8 on floor nail a temp splice to hold together,nail transon to back of ply wood in stand up ,,brace it at around 12 % leaning back, cut boat sides same as transom in back STOP rememer sides have a tilt and a bow from1/3 forward of the transom STOP.. DONT FOGET TO LEAVE EXTRA ON SIDES BUY TRANSON !REMEMBER THE TILT ?take along thin boardan go from transom and bund to shape you like temp nail in place mark out line..theres your bottom if your happy with you work good if not eye ball it again move the long board till you like what you see ok make a board to go across the dead center of the boat this board makes the flare at the top when you add the sides.ok now put the sides on ground and fashen them with a 6 inch 1/4 plate on the inside now you have one long 1/4 plw wood16 ft take scrap piece 2/4 cut to the hight you want the bow to be nail the two long sides and you will see a boat no your not done but i think my 12 year old son could figure the rest out

2012-04-28 16:01

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